Budget not as green as hoped for

George Osborne’s plan to balance the finances of the nation has been hailed as a failure as the UK government that claims its new budget is the ‘greenest ever’ seems to have made a fatal flaw in planning to take into account natural resources.  It seems that Osborne neglected to realize that in order to live within our means the country as a whole needs to be more responsible about sustainable policies as the budget is based on using more expensive and non-renewable resources in order to survive.

Criticism aside, the budget released this week follows in the footsteps of June’s budget announcement with debt repayment obviously Osborne’s main goal even though there is quite a bit of evidence contrary to it that shows that repaying national debt is drowning the economy and causing inflation to rise at the same time that unemployment is also on the rise.  Even worse is the fact that his only budget cuts seem to come from large sweeping cuts in public spending.

Not only is this policy poor economics, but it reveals a missed opportunity because with the Coalition government came hope that public spending cuts could be avoided without all of the lying in the middle so that all spending was analyzed to be the most productive in terms of environment, economic, and social terms.

The ‘green deal’ could have met all of these goals as new energy saving measures could create new jobs versus other suggested forms of government pending which would in turn lower unemployment while helping to reduce our dependence on fuel and improving the outlook on the climate change battle.  Instead, arguments in the budget call for VAT rate hikes and cuts in services and benefits which will only prove to make life harder on the poor and the environment left to suffer in turn as well.