Birmingham offers 5 new recycling centres

Birmingham City Council, working in cooperation with VES (Veolia Environmental Services) and Living Fuels, is doing its bit to help clean up the environment with five recycling centres in town.  The Council is urging citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to recycle used cooking oil at the Holford Drive recycling centre in Perry Barr, North Birmingham.

After you’ve used a gallon or two of vegetable oil to cook the Christmas turkey, there is something useful you can do with the used oil, rather than pour it down the drain.  Take it to be recycled into carbon-neutral electricity or bio-diesel fuel, and save on drain-clearing bills as you support a greener environment.

Centres like the one at Holford Drive are capable of recycling huge quantities of used cooking oil without the use of dangerous chemicals and additives, turning it into the biofuel called LF100.  One tonne of that oil is enough to power an average UK home for a year, according to the managing director of Living Fuels, Rob Murphy.

Used oil is already being collected from many restaurants, schools, hotels, government agencies and many more sources, and householders are urged to contribute used oil for two good reasons;  one is that ‘home disposal’ causes blocked pipes and sewers as well as damage to natural watercourses.  The other is that it is a source of green energy that no one can afford to waste.