Biodegradable cat litter created by Natural and Clean

As a solution to the waste problem in the UK Natural and Clean, an eco-friendly pet products and household manufacturer, have devised a biodegradable cat litter that will help control the out pour of waste in the landfill sites. The business sees the creation and introduction of a better way of living through these kinds of products will give good results to the environment. Their latest cat litter and its packaging is definitely biodegradable, and it decomposes from 7 to 10 days.

With space available in landfill sites continuously becoming scarce, the government is in need of fast action to be able to save businesses and households from the inevitable pollution, and we already know that the landfill tax is also increasing as it came from £56 to £64 per ton.

In 2007, the “New Waste Strategy for England and Wales” was approved, and it goes after the original rules of the country back in 2000. However, how the waste is disposed and discarded of saw alterations of the policy. Included in the changes is the tax rise as a way to give incentive to local councils, households, and firms to encourage them live a greener life through recycling.

As regards to the cat litter of Natural and Clean, it is made up of wax that was developed in high starch state to be able to absorb huge amount of moisture. This is also created with odour control formula to get rid of the unwanted smell without the need of masking them.

The cat litter does not invite rodents and insects hence it is perfect for de-composting and a potential gardening material. For these reasons alone Natural and Clean’s cat litters goal to promote the health of cats and the environment deserves recognition from the market and the government.