Bicycles to Suit All Budgets

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It’s clear that a bike is the most important (and usually most expensive) purchase that a cyclist will make, and so it’s a decision that’s got to be thoroughly thought about. A bad bike could be annoying and at worst downright dangerous – so many cycling accidents happen from faulty bike equipment – so I’ll take you through the best bikes I found. I’m keeping a budget of £1000 for this article, because that’s more than enough to find an excellent road bike.
The High-End Bike: Hoy Sa Calobra 003, £950
Starting off the list near the top of the price range is a bike with design input from Olympic cyclist Sir Chris Hoy. That input has gone towards creating a fine aluminium-frame bike that focuses on build quality and getting the essentials spot on. Some of the stand out features on this bike include Shimano shifters, gear mechs and RS 10 wheels. Most of the other components are Hoy’s own brand but everything feels how it should for a bike of this price. It weighs in at a very reasonable 9kgs and Hoy has crafted a comfortable bike that is fit for all purposes. The Sa Calobra is a very good road bike, but it isn’t an exceptional one and for higher prices there are better out there. For under £1000 however, this bike is certainly worth a look at.
The Budget Bike: B-Twin Triban 3, £300

At the other end of the price spectrum sits the Triban 3 at a wholly affordable £300. For an entry level bike, they don’t come much better than this one. Even at this price, the Triban 3 is a professional make that uses an aluminium frame with mostly own-brand parts mixed in with touches of a Shimano set-up. The fact that this bike houses a triple chainset and weighs in at a very respectable 10kgs shows how much value for money you get here. Safety-wise, the Triban 3 is a stable and well-built bike that should give you no problems and give you a great platform for years of road cycling.
The Mid-Ranger: Boardman Road Sport, £550
The mid-price option in this list is the Boardman Road Sport, which offers a very well built bike that could easily be a couple of hundred pounds more. Featuring an aluminium alloy frame and Shimano shifters, this bike is a great option for any budding road cyclist. The Road Sport is actually aimed at commuters into work and is well equipped to keep you clean and carry your stuff. As well as this, the Boardman has been equipped with parts found on it’s premier model and so you get the most important aspects of this bike at a huge discount. The area where this bike suffers is weight, coming in at just under 11 kgs, making hill climbs and such noticeably harder. Despite this, the Road Sport is a great bike period, let alone a great bike for the price.
Something Different: Dolan Mythos Carbon, £995
Also at the top end of the budget is the Dolan Mythos, fitted with a carbon fibre frame. As well as this, a Shimano groupset is included as standard, and all the trimmings are completely solid. For any cyclist looking for a sub-£1000 carbon fibre bike, you can’t do much better than the Mythos. Weight is an acceptable 10 kgs and the ride is comfortable and solid, although it can take some time to get used to on down-slopes. The Mythos is well suited for most purposes and looks fantastic; it will definitely attract attention from cyclists and pedestrians alike.

So there we have it, a list of the best bikes under £1000. Any of these bikes would be a great addition to/ beginning of a bike collection, although if you really want to break the bank there are many more professional bikes that go way beyond this budget. Next in the series I’ll be looking at the best clothing to help you look as professional as your bike. have created a completely new kind of insurance, tailor-made for today’s cyclist. It’s based on one simple idea: That however precious your bike is, it’s not as precious as you are. So while other policies focus on the bike, PedalSure believe in covering you first, and then your bike. Get cover today in four easy steps at