Be eco-friendly with green 24

Small businesses and individuals that have an interest in an eco-friendly existence can use the new online green portal green 24 to get instruction, information and inspiration. The idea is to provide in their just launched members only website credible advice and easy to use information. The content in its entirety is written by green experts and is overseen by David Jackman who has a very good green track record.

green24 is culmination of a group of normal people wanting to fill the gap on the market for user-friendly, credible green information and advice for small businesses and individuals. They wanted to remain independent so they decided to charge a fee to be a member instead of letting all join for free and rely on adverting to fund it.
They hired writers with strong environmental and scientific backgrounds to create credibility and factually sound content instead of those with just good journalistic skills. green24 is thus a mixture of average individuals and experts concerned with sustainability.

The site is lead by a South African/French woman based in Madrid with the balance of the group in Cape Town and London. This multinational approach gives everyone involved a unique perspective on a global level.

They try and live the way they preach and try to communicate through using all the technology available to them even though they are very aware they need to meet face to face on the occasion visit and they are working diligently on becoming carbon neutral and implement in an economic way as many green principles as possible