Are there any eco-friendly smartphones on the market?

As more consumers are becoming conscious of reducing their carbon footprint, it’s worthwhile looking into the ways in which we can change the physical impact we’re placing upon our planet. One of the ways we can help turn things around is to look at how, as consumers, we can make better and more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to the purchases we make on a daily basis.

In a concerted effort to reduce the effect we have on our planet and to attract consumers who are eco-friendly, many mobile companies are producing phones with green credentials.

Read on as we count down the most eco-friendly phones on the market.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Sony Ericsson has raised the eco-friendly bar by removing all of its damaging materials from their mobile phone devices. Not only have they adhered to current legislation on the build and design of the Xperia Ray, the company has created a unique device that has received the “seal of approval” from many third-party testing laboratories.

Samsung Galaxy W

For the past 20 years, Samsung has been paving the way when it comes to environmentally conscientious manufacturing. The company has a recycling programme that allows its consumers to return any product for free so that they can be dismantled and reused in other products and devices.

Similarly to the Galaxy Ace, another strong performer, this mobile phone comes with an extended battery life and is incredibly efficient which means that the environmental impact of its design and disposal are both significantly lower than many other phones on the market. Though less environmentally friendly, Samsung’s green policies make its stellar, new Samsung Galaxy SIII (see Samsung galaxy s3 deals) a great choice for people wanting the best phones with limited impact.

Nokia E7-00

With a programme similar to Samsung’s, Nokia’s making a concerted effort to increase its recycled parts and materials. The Nokia E7-00 is testament to this with its packaging comprising of 60% recycled materials.

Nokia C6-01

Marginally more eco-friendly than the E7-00, the Nokia C6-01’s packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Similar to the Samsung models, this phone also comes with a long battery life, therefore significantly reducing its impact on the environment.

Nokia 700

As Nokia’s most eco-friendly phone to date, the Nokia 700’s charger has received a 5* rating as it consumes minimal power when recharging a battery. The phone also comes with an increased number of recyclable materials and parts utilised in its production, which makes the Nokia 700 almost one of the greenest friendly phones on the market.

LG Rumor Reflex

Touted by its manufacturer as the most environmentally friendly phone on the market, this smartphone outstrips those of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung by offering devices that are free from eco sensitive materials and charges that are also 5* energy rated. Certified as “Carbon-Free”, this phone is the most eco-friendly mobile phone available.