Architectural firm releases new eco-living plans

An architectural firm has special plans on how they can take green living up a few notches, both literally and figuratively. In order to reach new heights, the firm has been hard at work on six designs for a creation they fittingly call ‘farmscrapers.’

The farmscaper is actually a high-rise building that combines several different eco-systems into the design along with plenty of residential apartments and office units. They look a bit like something out of the future, as they appear to be layers of green entwined with actual cement floors that people can use.

The master plan was created by Vincent Callebaut Architects the French firm which they hope someday they can incorporate into real designs that will be built in Shenzhen a city in China.

The six skyscrapers are ideally designed to form a central tower block together and each will offer leisure spaces, offices, and residential areas. They would stand an impressive 396 metres tall and sport a total of 111 floors each. The exterior would be surrounded by suspended gardens making sure that there literally is green space everywhere. At the same time, renewable energy will power the buildings as each of the farmscrapes would have its own set of solar cells and wind turbines.

The farmscrapes have been designed with the intent to offer the growing populations of cities a place to live while also helping to bring skyscrapers up to new urban standards. At the same time, the inclusion of the farmscrapes would hopefully help to reduce CO2 emissions. The project has been nicknamed Asian Cairns and would also sport a system that allows waste water to be recycled and then regenerated for reuse via the vertical farms.