America bids to reduce pollution from fossil fuels

In an effort to reduce pollution caused by fossil fuels in America, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, when passed, will create jobs that invest in our workers skills, in an industry to generate clean electricity powered by the sun and wind and help boost the countries economy.

By investing in clean energy and infrastructure, University of Massachusetts economists estimate that over a two year period this would generate up to 235,000 jobs in California alone. Along with the help of the Presidents $80million economic recovery plan, and the passing of this bill, more jobs in clean energy would be produced and the United States will be a safer and cleaner place to live.

For this act to pass, the House of Representatives should include in the act some strong points that will drive home that this clean energy act will help the American economy transform. Included in the act should be that along with creating jobs throughout the country, this act will increase the countries clean energy standards by up to 20%.

Give the EPA the authority it requires to regulate carbon emission that factories produce under the Clean Air Act and to give incentives to industries who promote green jobs over jobs that generate pollution, and train employees in a correct and environmentally safe procedure.

With this bill being passed the government is hoping to reduce America’s global warming pollution by 17 percent before 2020 and to encourage the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. It is also hoped that tropical deforestation will drop by 10 percent and to reduce emissions by 83 percent by the year 2050.

The American Congress want to hear from people who are committed to creating this way of powering America with a cleaner, lower pollution energy source and embracing the new technologies available to create this safe environmentally friendly energy source.