All the energy the world needs can be found beneath the earth’s crust

When you consider the entire mass of the Earth as a whole, 99.9 percent of it is above 100 Celsius in temperature. Essentially what this means is that below the crust of the Earth is enough energy to provide all of the energy needs that the Earth could want. This is an extraordinary opportunity for creating clean energy and it is something that the UK government needs to start investing more money in exploring.

Interestingly, geothermal energy is something that works in a very similar way to nuclear energy. With geothermal energy, a large borehole is dug, into which water is passed, this borehole goes deep into the ground where it can take advantage of heat that is there because of radioactive decay in the mantle of the Earth. Therefore both nuclear and geothermal energy take advantage of radiation.

Geothermal energy is something that is capable of providing power all day and it is a completely sustainable and clean form of energy. In addition to this, it produces almost no carbon and the plants are very small and so do not take up a great deal of space, which could potentially disturb people who live near them.

The water that is in the power plant is in an enclosed loop, so the same water is reused over and over again. This means that there is minimal environmental impact. Unfortunately, investment for this power is difficult right now because there is a high financial risk of doing so.

There is no licencing system for the power, so you could do all of the resurgent finding a good location for geothermal energy, and then someone could simply set up a power station right next door to yours, without having to pay anything for the research. The government needs to change its attitudes on this before the UK can start taking serious advantage of this energy source.