Alberta to become a region of global economic importance

In terms of economic potential, Alberta seems to be ranking alongside the emerging powerhouses such as China, India and Brazil. For the first time, a British consul has taken up residence in the area, and he has stated, “We want people to see this part of Canada as an emerging economy, and we want to make sure that British companies are fully aware of the great opportunities that exist in Alberta.”

The consul general is Tony Kay, who recently took up the post in June. He said, “We want people to realise that working in Alberta, has the same sort of market potential is a place like India or China. People are often talking about cracking the latter two markets, but we also want people to talk about cracking the Alberta market in the same way.”

He recently spoke at the Calgary Economic Developments event where he stated that the UK government recognises that Alberta has become one of the key drivers of Canada’s economy, and that the area has been chosen specifically because it is seems to have a great importance for global strategy of companies in the future. It has also been highlighted as an area which will help the UK meet its export goals, with worldwide exports reaching around £1 trillion by 2020.

Many energy companies from the UK, such as Shell and BP have long had a presence in this part of the world, but what has been made clear in Tony Kay’s recent speeches is that there are many other opportunities in this part of the world. He commented that more energy companies could certainly set up in the area and benefit from economic growth.