Adelie penguins supported by WWF and Warmguard

WarmGuard is a supplier of insurance policies for central heating systems and gas boilers editors recently partnered with the WWF to support the conservation of penguin in their native habitats. In order to support this conservation the company of given £30,000 for the WWF.

A promotional campaign has also been run for the benefit of penguins and the company will be giving away adoption packs for the first 250 people who purchase insurance policy from the company. This insurance policy can be purchased at their website, In this adoption pack customers will find a soft toy, a picture of a penguin they have adopted, a fact booklet and a certificate of adoption. Throughout the year information about penguin they have sponsored will be sent through the post.

These penguins are in no immediate threat of extinction but the fact that temperatures are rising in their natural habitats means that they are being damaged and their survival will ultimately be threatened. In most locations around the world number of penguins is declining.

WarmGuard will be funding vital new research focusing on the foraging behaviour of Adélies in the South Orkney Islands helping to further scientific understanding of Antarctica, the effects of climate change and the impact on Adélies in the region. The new research will be carried out by a small team of British scientists based on Signy Island, where long-term penguin research is already being carried out.

“WarmGuard are committed to protecting the future of the Adélie penguins” comments John Colinswood, Managing Director of WarmGuard. “We are all responsible for the protection and future of our planet and its many species, and as a socially responsible business WarmGuard are delighted to be able to provide the much needed funding for this research work”.

Tobin Aldrich, Director of Fundraising at WWF, says “We are thrilled to be working in partnership with WarmGuard and absolutely delighted with the £30,000 that WarmGuard are giving us which will enable us to carry out new and vital research on Adélie Penguins within the new Marine Protected Area in Antarctica.”

John Colinswood of WarmGuard concludes: “We are confident that our partnership with WWF and project funding will go a long way in helping the future survival of these delightful penguins. As a provider of gas boiler and heating insurance, WarmGuard are also committed to helping reduce the environmental impact that our homes have on CO2 emissions through helping households to achieve optimum energy efficiency and economy from their home heating systems”