A better deal on your gas and electricity bills could save you money

The struggle to pay utility bills is affecting millions of people in the UK. Many of the ‘Big Six’ energy providers have hit customers with the news that they are to add more to their ever-growing energy costs, especially in the UK. This has given consumers enough of an excuse to look for gas and electricity price comparisons at Moneysupermarket.com for the best deal.

While still reeling from the 2011 price hikes, consumers were informed of the news that consumer group Which? had reported that energy firms were unwilling to offer customers contemplating changing their supplier the best deals and cheapest tariffs. To make sure that you reduce your bills, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing to do is consult price comparison websites. It might seem time consuming, but visiting a website such as MoneySupermarket could be just the thing you need. In a matter of minutes, you’re able to compare the prices on offer from a range of different energy providers, each of them detailing the prices and tariffs on offer. Doing this is quick, convenient and, best of all, free.

In the old days, you had to ring insurers to get a quote. This would have cost you a lot of money and would have taken several hours. Fortunately, by going to a price comparison website, you’re saving a lot of time and hassle.

If you’ve found the deal you’re looking for, sticking with it could save you hundreds in the long run. It makes sense to do this, as you’re getting the same service as you would from any other provider, only for less money.

After doing this, it might be worth implementing a few lifestyle changes. This involves using less energy, which will result in less money being spent on your utility bills. It doesn’t take a lot effort do to, and doing a series of small things could mean big savings.

Using energy-efficient lighting such as fluorescent bulbs can save you at least 30% in lighting bills. Turning the light off when you leave a room, unplugging electrical products when you’re not using them and even doing something like washing dishes by hand rather than with a dishwasher could add up to savings of around £200 a year.

By following this advice, once your bills arrive in the post, expect a pleasant surprise. Imagine this scenario being repeated every month, and the pressure on your finances will have eased a little.

Article by Moneysupermarket.com