8/10 homeowners are unhappy with their homes

Recent research has shown that a significant majority of people in the UK are not happy with the state of their home. The research has shown that around 8 in every 10 people want to make some sort of change to their property. The survey showed that there were numerous motivations behind this change, from greater comfort, to boosting the property’s value, or just installing essentials.

Home maintenance, reducing energy bills and becoming more environmentally friendly were all factors that played an important part of peoples discontentment with their homes. However, these were not the primary factor, with most people being driven to improve their home because they want to see it look better.

The most unsatisfied group of homeowners are aged between 35 and 55 and it is estimated by the survey that over 90 percent of these people are wanting to make some sort of change to their home. This is significantly higher than younger people who are less than 35 as only 70 percent said that they would change something with their property.

The research also showed a strong correlation between desire to improve homes and the number of people who lived in the property. Around two thirds of respondents who only had two people living in the house said that they wanted to change their property. On the other hand, 90 percent of households who had three inhabitants or more, said that they wanted to make improvements.

In recent years the financial situation of the country has meant that people are performing home renovations in order to save money. People have started to install double glazing and even solar panels in order to reduce the bills they are facing each month. It is estimated that around 15 percent of people in the country want to improve their homes just to save money on their energy bills.