3000 trees planted in Peterborough

This week Peterborough has been very busy with a forest protection programme which has seen them plant over 3000 trees. This planting has been organised in association with the council and is run by the green group, PECT. They are also going to be organising an Environment Capital Conference, which is going to take place next February.

This conference is going to be an opportunity for people in the area who have been involved in environmental projects, to look back over the impact that they have made since their inception. Because of projects like this, Peterborough is becoming quickly known as then environmental innovator and it is setting best practice systems for the rest of the country. Industry experts agree that the area provides an example for the rest of the UK in how to become greener.

Guest speakers at the event are going to deliver speeches which are designed to be entertaining as well as thought-provoking. Professor Montgomery, he, from the University College London, is going to be delivering a speech at the event about sustainability.

He is a world recognised expert in this field and his speech should be a real highlight of the event. Many people have been involved in projects in Peterborough and they will also be looking forward to hearing what he has to say about these projects and their successes.

It is a long way until February next year, but the schedule for looking back at all the projects that have taken place is already looking rather busy. This is not a bad thing in any way, but rather it is a testament to the amount of success that Peterborough has had on becoming an environmental leader. By next February even more items are going to be added to the agenda insuring Peterborough further cements its reputation.