2011 Green Apple Environment Award

The winner of the 2011 Green Apple Environment Award was the Sheffield based maker of the wire tensioner and joiner and the award is a recognition of its position as one of the UK’s most green companies. The company, which is called ‘Gripple’ wins a place in the Green Book which recognises companies that have the best practices when it comes to environmental issues. It is also being considered for entry into the European Business Awards for the Environment.

Gripple is dedicated to the reduction of its carbon emissions as part of the 10:10 initiative, which is just one of its many green initiatives. In 2010 it won the Queen’s Award for sustainable development. Mark Edmonds is the marketing director at the company and has said, “We put a great deal of effort into reducing our environmental impact so it is great to see our hard work recognised through this award. It is wonderful to be listed alongside other companies who share our vision for greener business practices.”

The Green Apple awards began in 1994 and the scheme is today recognised as one of the most prestigious awards that companies, as well as councils and even countries, can receive for showing a commitment to the environment. The awards are run by the Green Organisation which is non-activist, non-political, non-profit group that is determined to encourage a better environment.