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Greenbyte’s Blades of Fortune Wind Power Quiz



Which country is home to the windiest city in the world? Which famous statue is roughly as tall as a 2MW wind turbine tower? What percentage of global electricity is supplied by wind power?



Trivia buffs hooked on Wind energy knowledge can now test their expertise in the ultimate Wind Power Quiz Blades of Fortune .

Built by Greenbyte,

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Is the UK ready for wind energy?

It may be 2012 but the UK is still no closer to meeting its renewable energy target. Surprisingly since a YouGov Poll found that over 55% of people are keen to see more investment in wind power – just one of several renewable options that have failed to become more widely used.

The energy secretary Chris Huhne has promised that wind energy could be a

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Wind as a-gratuitous energy source: GOING GREEN

Going green is the need of the hour. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources. People are turning to wind as a form of energy. The power of wind is converted into energy that can be used in various ways. Wind turbines help to generate electricity.

Wind mills provide mechanical power. Wind pumps help in pumping and draining water. Sails help to harness wind power

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