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Professor reports it will be 50 years for electric cars to impact global oil demand in transport

Despite developments in renewable energy, it will take 50 years for electric cars to impact global oil demand in transport, according to Dr Mamdouh G Salameh, professor of energy economics at the ESCP Europe Business School.

In his recent paper, ‘Is oil supremacy on the wane?’ Salameh says the enabling technologies of renewable energy are not developed enough to properly impact consumption levels of oil

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It look as if electric vehicles are finally on the right road

On paper the EV, or electric vehicle, looks ideal. You can still qualify for a grant to help you buy one, which reduces the price of a van by 20%, with absolutely no emissions from the exhaust. What many fail to realise, however, is that they rather eradicating pollution, they are actually transferring it to a different area of the carbon cycle, which smoke stack

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Safer and greener driving – are electric cars the way of the future?

What’s all the fuss about going electric? Ecars have been proven to be less expensive to maintain, quieter and generally just more fun to own. But before you get swept away in the green driving movement, you probably want to know if electric cars are as safe as traditional combustion-powered vehicles. As it turns out, they may be even safer than their predecessors. Keep reading

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Sales of electric cars not reaching their expected heights

Electric cars are something that have been being produced by the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicles for many years now, and they get a great deal of coverage in the newspapers, the real question has to be, however, is whether anyone is going to buy them.

The signals from the market so far are not very good and last year the Chevrolet Volt as well

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The Chevrolet Volt – LA Auto Show’s Green Car of the Year 2011

Green is the buzz word in the motoring industry at the moment, and with good reason. The amount of pollution, or carbon footprint, created by every day motoring is wreaking our environment, and that’s not supposition, that’s a fact. Our air is becoming so polluted it is reaching crisis point, and finally the car trade have grasped this fact and producing a new range of

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