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Humane Society’s poll shows UK public concerned by suffering caused by badger cull

Humane Society International/UK (HSI/UK), the UK arm of one of the world’s largest animal protection organisations, today reveals a new poll which shows the high level of concern the public have for the suffering of badgers during the culls. The results come as DEFRA officially announces its plans to expand the culling of badgers in England to five new areas across three new counties.


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Belinda: The Forest How Red Squirrel a 3 year study of wild native red squirrels

Peter With Belinda

In Belinda: The Forest How Red Squirrel , photography and squirrel enthusiast Peter Trimming documents a small colony of wild native red squirrels from autumn 2012 to summer 2015. His research is based in the Forest How, which is situated in Eskdale, Cumbria. During his research, Peter witnesses a devastating outbreak of squirrel pox. This resulted in the loss of the entire adult population of

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Faroe Islands sees more pilot whales slaughtered

For the third time this year, pilot whales have been slaughtered in the Danish Faroe Islands. The ordeal began at 7am today when a pod of 40 pilot whales was reported to local authorities off Skálatoftir, on the island of Borðoy. The pod was then driven by 12 Faroese boats to Hvannasund for slaughter.



Although most of the pod was able to

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World’s 2nd Largest Creature The Fin Whale Has Rare Behavior Caught On Film

Passengers on board Hyannis Whale Watcher witnessed the highly unusual sighting of a breaching finback whale.  Finback whales are a federally endangered species and the second-largest creature on earth, out-sized only by the blue whale. Full grown, fin whales reach lengths of 75 ft (22 m) long and up to 80 tons (72,575 kg).

While sightings of fin whales are not unusual in the waters

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Wildlife protection charities campaign for an end to lion trophy hunting

Responding to the global outcry over the trophy hunting of lions following the illegal killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe in July 2015, leading wildlife protection charities FOUR PAWS, the Born Free Foundation, Lion Aid, IFAW, Save Me and One Protest, will come together in London on Saturday 30th April to call for an end to lion trophy hunting in Africa and the import of lion

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Artisan Travel’s wildlife tours revealing breathtaking landscapes in Alaska and Canada

Feel a real sense of adventure on these seriously big trips to Alaska and Canada, part of Artisan Travel’s impressiveNorth America Collection. Designed to provide the very best immersive experiences in this wild and historical part of the world, choose either to travel on the famous Alaskan Railroad or to self-drive through Alaska’s spectacular landscapes or, in neighbouring Canada, to canoe down the Yukon, past

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Rickshaw Travel offering new ethical elephant experiences

Rickshaw Travel has made it their mission to stand up for elephants by replacing all elephant riding excursions with ethical elephant experiences.

The team at Rickshaw believes travel can be a huge social and environmental benefit to the destinations they work with and they aim to maximise the benefit of tourism whilst minimising the impact, and working as sustainably as possible. This drive towards providing

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Guatemala Central America’s Top Birding Travel Destination

Wine Throated Hummingbird

Tourism is hitting an all-time high in the beautiful country of Guatemala, which is fast becoming one of the best birding and nature destinations in Central America for groups and independent travelers.

Guatemala is considered a megadiverse country; which implies that it presents high levels of species richness and endemism as well as a cultural diversity.

Benedicto Grijalva, Marketing Director of Birding Expeditions, a Guatemalan

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FOUR PAWS highlights threat extinction of orangutans

To mark International Orangutan Day, international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS drew attention to the plight of orangutans, a species threatened with extinction.

While some countries are now discussing whether to extend basic human rights to great apes – since they are psychologically so close to humans – orangutans are being relentlessly exterminated in their home countries. The last four decades have seen Borneo’s rainforest

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Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust project for conservation of Dartmoor ponies

In a demonstration of commitment and cooperation to help safeguard the future of all ponies on Dartmoor, the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) has brought together Natural England, Dartmoor Zoo and students from Plymouth University to undertake a research project that will study the benefits of ponies as conservation grazers on Dartmoor.

At a recent Pony Action Group meeting (a gathering of all major pony

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