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Mekong River Hydropower Project threats Mekong Dolphins

Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphin

Copyright: Gerry Ryan / WWF

WWF are warning that the Lao government’s decision to forge ahead with the Don Sahong hydropower project in southern Laos, located just one kilometre upstream of the core habitat for Mekong dolphins, could precipitate the extinction of the species from the Mekong River.

According to the WWF paper, the dam builders intend to excavate millions of tonnes of rock

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Is your life environmentally friendly? If not, maybe it could be with some help from Green Pepper, the environmental and eco-living blog. This is an environmental blog that covers all bases, from news on communities and companies across the world, and what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, to how businesses and households could improve their environmental health.

Are we closer to turning

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A Better Environmental Office Design

Redesigning your office does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be a case of re-inventing the wheel.  Through small but important changes, you can increase the value of your office space with minimal investment and cut out waste.  Here are a few ideas for a great office refurbishment:

Reduce Filing and Storage Space

The average cost of office space is around

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Bill Clinton concerned about bio-fuel taking the place of food growing

Bill Clinton has raised concerns that food riots in third world nations seem likely. This is due to not only the spiraling food prices, but also to the fact that more corn is being used to create bio-fuels.

Although the production of bio-fuels is crucial in weaning the country away from fossil fuels, the former president feels that farmers and employees of the Agriculture department

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Global warming may make some fish species 98% male

Global warming may increase the proportion of male fish up to 73 or 98% in some types of fish, which could seriously jeopardize the survival of some species, according to a study prepared by a team of researchers at the Spain’s Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), which publishes the journal Public Library of Science.

The study reveals that with an increase of 1.5 degrees

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The humble plastic carrier bag, curse of the environment

Changing the habits of a lifetime are something we are all going to have to do to combat environmental problems. The onset of global warming, a number of ‘natural’ disasters and the amount of waste sent to landfill are all well-publicised issues.

Another major issue is our use or misuse of plastic bags. Since China banned free plastic carrier bags in 2008 and, the following

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Lack of environmental guidance at work

New research claims that employers should be doing more to properly instruct their staff about how they can be more environmentally friendly while at work.  A poll conducted by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) that looked at over 1,000 people at their workplace found that a small 17% actually received some type of training that focused on energy efficiency and

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Questions asked in the house about deforestation

Conservative MP Guy Opperman from Hexham spoke out today in front of the Commons stating that he had real concerns about using the forest as a tourist attraction handled by private companies.

Opperman explained that the forest today is a major tourist attraction but at the same time it is also a large environmental concern citing examples such as that it is the last place

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Transform your home into a green-friendly environment

Today there are fewer excuses why not to live a life that contributes to the health of our environment. As our civilization increases its consciousness about green issues, the technology, information, and low-energy devices multiply, making it easier for us to cooperate with nature.

Even the prices of green gadgets is dropping to an affordable price, since more individuals are buying into them. Also, saving

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Environment Agency not happy about super dairy plan

Nocton Diaries Ltd has proposed a super dairy that would be the UK’s largest and would have over 3,700 cows, but the Environment Agency lodged an objection. A concern about pollution seeping through the limestone and affecting the area drinking supply was voiced by the agency.

The company submitted and subsequently pulled an application for an over 8,000 cow dairy at the same location. The

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