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IKO States UK Housebuilding Needs Changing After December Floods

Andy Williamson, Group MD, IKO Plc

December’s floods caused widespread disruption and misery, and our hearts go out to all those who were, and still are affected.

But it’s happening much more frequently and on a larger scale than we anticipated, and clearly Britain is poorly prepared to defend against or deal with it. It also appears to be on a rising curve, as you’d expect if it’s associated with climate

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How to create a green home

Top tips for living in a greener house

Many of the choices you make when deciding how to run your house can have an impact on the environment. There are some simple choices you can make which will reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that your home is as green as possible.

Reduce your energy consumption

There are a number of ways in which you

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Latest Halton Housing Trust homes ready for occupancy

Halton Housing Trust, a non-profit making housing organisation, has won considerable recognition, including the Green Organisation’s Silver Green Apple award, for its high quality, environmentally conscious design and construction. In July the award was given for Halton’s housing development on Houghton Street in Widnes, and now there are three new homes ready for occupancy, the first in a 15-home project on Kingsway, also in Widnes.

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Architectural firm releases new eco-living plans

An architectural firm has special plans on how they can take green living up a few notches, both literally and figuratively. In order to reach new heights, the firm has been hard at work on six designs for a creation they fittingly call ‘farmscrapers.’

The farmscaper is actually a high-rise building that combines several different eco-systems into the design along with plenty of residential apartments

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Green homes now open for viewing

A collection of environmentally-friendly homes are now officially open to viewing by the public with councillors being among the first to visit the site. Some of the green-option fittings installed in the new homes, located in Upper Cambourne, include a smart metering system, sustainable flooring, recycling facilities, solar panels, low energy appliances, and a heat recovery ventilation system.

The four house display and a sales

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Cost effective ways of making green improvements to your home

It can be hard to make green improvements to one’s homes because many of them require a high upfront fee. Of course, you get your money back as you save money on utility bills over time, but still, the improvements can be costly.

However, the Government has announced the Green Deal scheme that helps make it a bit more affordable to make improvements to your

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Go Green to Get Some Green

If you want to reduce the amount that you spend every month on energy bills, then you might want to take a second look at the green movement. Many people think that going green is just a trendy thing, but outside of the fact that it helps the environment to go green there is a real reason to consider it, because it’s economically viable.


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Heating Your Home in an Environmentally Friendly Way

When it comes to heating their homes both in budget-friendly ways and in a more environmentally friendly way, there are several ways of approaching this.

For one, you can choose to buy and install radiators that are eco-friendly. You can also replace your existing radiators with more efficient ones, such as modern radiators that are made from aluminium. Some of these types of radiators are

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Revamping your garden after an accident at work

Rest, relaxation and recovery are what you need after an accident of any kind. But, you can’t sit around all day twiddling your thumbs, so what do you do? Using that work accident compensation to go effect is a common option that people take advantage. Take the time you are not at work to do something for the environment and yourself by revamping the back

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Green Deal Market given green light by the government

The Green Deal market which is focusing on energy efficiency is about to be brought into operation as the government has just created secondary legislation which will give it the green light. The legislation is also focused on reducing burdens in industry, strengthening protection for consumers and the implementation of the Energy Company Obligation.

The cost of electricity and gas has been greatly increasing and

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