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Loft insulation greatly cuts energy bills

Although the economic recession hurt many home budgets, the energy saving advice website, conducted a survey and discovered that even though many homes are looking at energy saving DIY projects in an effort to save money, 25% of those who end up increasing their home’s energy efficiency do so out of concerns about the environment and climate change.

In addition, the survey also revealed

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Green homes now open for viewing

A collection of environmentally-friendly homes are now officially open to viewing by the public with councillors being among the first to visit the site. Some of the green-option fittings installed in the new homes, located in Upper Cambourne, include a smart metering system, sustainable flooring, recycling facilities, solar panels, low energy appliances, and a heat recovery ventilation system.

The four house display and a sales

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Cost effective ways of making green improvements to your home

It can be hard to make green improvements to one’s homes because many of them require a high upfront fee. Of course, you get your money back as you save money on utility bills over time, but still, the improvements can be costly.

However, the Government has announced the Green Deal scheme that helps make it a bit more affordable to make improvements to your

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Energy prices taking the onus away from the environmental effects

As energy prices continue to increase, most people are finding that their household bills are also increasing, which is making the political debate about rising energy rates even more combative. However, with so many political debates surrounding the increase in energy prices many people are losing sights about what the rising costs of energy really mean to the earth, because the issue is larger than

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Governments Green Deal initiative looks set for failure

The government launched a green initiative which was going to bring energy efficiency to nearly 15 million homes in the country and in doing so create over 60,000 jobs. However, it seems as if this initiative is going to fail as people expect the number of lofts to be receiving insulation to fall by around 90 percent. The government have pledged this initiative, called the

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Government announces funding for cleaner heating

The government have recently started a subsidised funding scheme which is going to offer nearly £900 million in order to improve clean heating in the country. While this might seem like a lot of money at first, in reality this isn’t a great amount to invest in the sustainability of heating systems in the UK.

Most people don’t realise that around 50 percent of carbon

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Grants for renewable heating systems

Households will soon be able to apply to receive substantial grants towards installing heating systems that are renewable. The grants are worth as much as £1,250 for the largest installation and the scheme will start on August 1.

Solar thermal panels to heat hot water, wood pellet biomass boilers and ground and air source pumps for heat can be purchased and installed with these grants

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