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Crowdfunding Trees By The Community Forest

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees – but a tree-loving community forest in Argyll & Bute is hoping that it certainly grows on crowdfunding platforms. Kilfinan Community Forest in Tighnabruaich is inviting members of the public to donate £20 each to ‘Sponsor a Sapling’ as part of a crowdfunding campaign launched today. Contributors will receive a certificate and will be able to name,

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Environmental group protest against race track plans for Gwent

An environmental group is calling for the rejection of plans to build a £250m race track near Blaenau, Gwent because they are concerned that the race track will pose a large environmental risk to the area. Watchdog group Natural Resources Wales (NRW) stated that the plans carry with them an unacceptable risk and should not be accepted until changes have been made.

The council of

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West country farmers send out a plea to save endangered species of nature

Environmentalists have been pushing some European governments to give them a last opportunity to place themselves behind vulnerable and species in the west country such as the skylark and lapwing.

MEPs in government will be voting on several reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which will finally create an impact on the farmers who subsidise measures that help region receive environmentally-friendly funds in order

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Environmentalists urge Scottish government to start hedging programme

Environmentalists are warning that a network of hedges must be built right across Scotland in order to reach climate change targets and to protect biodiversity in the country. The Scottish Wildlife Trust is asking the Scottish Government to actually start a ‘hedge fund’ where the money and investments will be use to create new ‘green’ infrastructure for the country.

The plan is to build hedgerows

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Chemicals play a large role in the amphibian population decline

New research reveals that chemicals are playing a large part in the reason that amphibians are declining on a global basis. Researchers found that some of the most common pesticides used by home owners on a regular basis can kill frogs in just under an hour suggesting the idea that chemicals may be way amphibians are declining in population at such a fast rate.


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Ash trees under very serious threat

Ash trees are being threatened by a new disease that is spreading throughout Ireland and the UK. Chalara fraxinea, or ash dieback as it is commonly called, is the result of a fungus that has spread and destroyed a large amount of ash trees throughout Europe over the last few years. Denmark has been especially hard hit as 90% of ash trees have already been

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Salt marshes are failing in their bid to help meet UK conservation targets

In order to meet European legislation requirements, salt marshes were constructed in the UK in order to meet various conservation targets. However, a recent study has warned that the salt marshes are not doing all that they were intended to, and that they are failing to help the UK to meet its conservation targets.

Salt marshes are very important along the coastline of the country

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The UK’s oak tree population is floundering

Early last year, the government planned to sell off some of the woodland in the country to private entities, however they scrapped the plan after the public protested against it. At around the same time, a large number of the oak trees in parts of the country were wiped out, as the disease spread which was known for killing them incredibly rapidly. It is estimated

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Domesday Book forests could return to England under new scheme

Under the new woodland scheme there is a chance that Domesday Book forests may come back to England. The Government has decided against selling off any more of its public forest estate after a panel of experts stated that the nation needs more tree cover and a wide increase in woodland in order to do this.

They want the level of woodland to be so

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Call made for separate environmental agency in Northern Ireland

Anna Lo MLA, Alliance environment spokesperson, has called for the Environment Agency of Northern Ireland to be made independent of the DoE. She is reported to have said that the risk of infractions and the failure to protect wildlife within Strangford Lough shows an independent body is needed.

Alex Attwood, Environment Minister, said that Northern Ireland’s natural, built and archaeological heritage require the fullest protection,

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