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Greenbyte’s Blades of Fortune Wind Power Quiz



Which country is home to the windiest city in the world? Which famous statue is roughly as tall as a 2MW wind turbine tower? What percentage of global electricity is supplied by wind power?



Trivia buffs hooked on Wind energy knowledge can now test their expertise in the ultimate Wind Power Quiz Blades of Fortune .

Built by Greenbyte,

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BLT Direct on Solar Bus Shelter and their advantages

As the first solar-harvested bus shelter was unveiled last month in London’s finance capital, Canary Wharf, BLT Direct, who is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of lighting solutions and champions energy saving means, has welcomed the news, citing it as a significant leap forward.

Bus shelters are a common sight on the UK’s landscape. Not changing design much since their inception in

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New book Off the Grid gives insight to people living with renewable energy

Off-grid isn’t a state of mind. It isn’t about someone being out of touch, about a place that is hard to get to, or about a weekend spent offline. Off-grid is the property of a building (generally a home but sometimes even a whole town) that is disconnected from the electricity and the natural gas grid . Off-grid buildings are therefore self-sufficient for light, power,

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A Guide to Energy Performance Certificates

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC is an assessment of the energy usage and overall energy efficiency of a building. The EPC was initially part of the Home Information Packs, however these as a whole were suspended in 2010 with just the EPC now being required.

An EPC is a legal requirement for anyone who is looking to sell or rent out their

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Renewable Energy Marketplace, Westpoint Arena, Exeter

Find find out everything you need to know about renewable energy and energy efficiency at the Renewable Energy Marketplace ( They have talks open to everyone on the different technologies available, the opportunities for landowners and farmers.


Ways to engage in energy issues and community energy. Find out how to reduce your energy costs Test drive a green car (choose from Renault, BMW, Tesla,

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To lower electricity bills Quickes moves to renewable energy

Ellen Rodger and Mary Quick in the cheese store powered by solar PV

50 kW PV system keeps Devon cheese-maker’s refrigerators cold and bills low

Devon-based cheese maker Quickes Traditional – which uses electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week – has joined the growing list of food manufacturers that are turning to renewable energy to drive down their energy costs by getting a 200-panel solar PV system installed.

“We use electricity continuously,” said Adam

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The Future of UK Green Energy

Our energy-hungry modern way of life means that media stories about power generation are never far from the headlines.

Whether it is the effect which the ever-spiralling costs of fuel are having on the wider economy and household budgets alike, or the geopolitical implications of the UK being self sufficient in its energy production, the questions affect all of us as we go about our

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Severe flood warnings for much of the UK brings flood defences into question

The Environment Agency is warning that the high tides are probably going to usher in even more floods even though there has been a small lull in the stormy weather that has been plaguing England. On Sunday however the storms are expected to get worse again. According to the Environment Agency, there are four severe flood warnings issued along the Kent Lower Stour at Ilford

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UK still being warned by the EU regarding air pollution

The UK and the city of London have been under fire for years from the European Commission because of the large contribution to overall air pollution, not just for local inhabitants. Along with many other cities across the EU, London has repeatedly failed to measure up to standards set by the Commission and the World Health Organisation, and now it appears there will be a

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First all electric buses hit the streets of London

In mid-December 2013 the first all-electric buses arrived on London’s streets, to be joined by many more if the trial period shows them meeting expectations. The two starter buses will be serving routes 507 and 521, between Victoria, Waterloo and London Bridge stations, in the busiest areas of the city.

Built by the Chinese company BYD Auto Ltd, these vehicles are reportedly capable of travelling

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