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New Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre gets the green light

It’s all systems go for the opening of the Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre, a facility that is reputed for being one among a handful in all of the world. This centre is unique because it is said to be capable of converting 90 percent of waste into energy. Another unique feature of this new centre is its ability to cut down Co2 emissions

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Carbon Footprint: Keep Your Bills Down and Your House Warm

Over the past few years energy prices have shot through the roof, leaving the average Joe with a hefty bill at the end of every month or quarter. In order to drive your consumption down its best to be suitably prepared for any harsh weather conditions, there are a few ways you can be prepared and lower you energy bills, I hope the following advice

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Government announces funding for cleaner heating

The government have recently started a subsidised funding scheme which is going to offer nearly £900 million in order to improve clean heating in the country. While this might seem like a lot of money at first, in reality this isn’t a great amount to invest in the sustainability of heating systems in the UK.

Most people don’t realise that around 50 percent of carbon

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