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Is your life environmentally friendly? If not, maybe it could be with some help from Green Pepper, the environmental and eco-living blog. This is an environmental blog that covers all bases, from news on communities and companies across the world, and what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, to how businesses and households could improve their environmental health.

Are we closer to turning

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Scything of Ryedale Folk Museum’s wildflowers for conservation project

Preparing for harvest at Ryedale Folk Musem - Roy Hampson

Scything of Ryedale Folk Museum’s wildflower cornfield is now underway, harvesting the seeds of rare British wildflowers as part of a conservation project which is now in its 16thyear.

A common sight in our countryside a hundred years ago, many British wildflowers are now endangered or have been lost altogether, as they have been ‘weeded out’ of our commercial crops.  As wildflowers support an unimaginable

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FOUR PAWS highlights threat extinction of orangutans

Indonesia, Borneo | 2015 08 | Orang Utan Signe with her baby Saragih.

To mark International Orangutan Day, international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS drew attention to the plight of orangutans, a species threatened with extinction.

While some countries are now discussing whether to extend basic human rights to great apes – since they are psychologically so close to humans – orangutans are being relentlessly exterminated in their home countries. The last four decades have seen Borneo’s rainforest

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Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust project for conservation of Dartmoor ponies

The iconic Dartmoor pony

In a demonstration of commitment and cooperation to help safeguard the future of all ponies on Dartmoor, the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) has brought together Natural England, Dartmoor Zoo and students from Plymouth University to undertake a research project that will study the benefits of ponies as conservation grazers on Dartmoor.

At a recent Pony Action Group meeting (a gathering of all major pony

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Snow leopard as face of renewable plastic credit card chosen by WWF-UK supporters

Snow leopard2

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of MBNA’s partnership with WWF-UK (formerly World Wide Fund for Nature), which has generated contributions of over £13 million for the benefit of nature, a new ‘first to market’ renewable credit card featuring the endangered snow leopard has been launched.

The new credit card is the only contactless card in the UK made from renewable plastic. This will be a

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Pressure on Australia on promise to restore the Great Barrier Reef

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee has voted to maintain pressure on Australia to deliver on its promise to restore the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

Today’s reef decision requires Australia to deliver “effective and sustained protection” of the reef from threats including reckless industrialization and pollution. Australia is required to provide a first report on progress in

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Animals Yeah Yeah’s Exclusive New T-Shirt Designs


We would love to see if any of our super fun animal T shirts could be of interest to you.

Whether it’s:

The ethical and environmental side to the manufacturing of the T shirts,

The fact that with each T shirt sold £1 goes to one of 3 small animal charities,

Or that the T shirts are fun, fashionable and great quality, we hope that

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Earthrace Conservation on behalf of Empty the Tanks

Saturday 6 June is the 3rd annual Empty the Tanks initiative which this year will see 64 events taking place in 20 countries around the world including two in the UK in London and Manchester.

Thousands of British travel companies contribute to the sad lives of captive whales and dolphins in marine parks around the world by continuing to sell packages millions of British tourists

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Southern Ecological Solutions on Destruction of Nightingale Site


Leading ecological and arboricultural consultancy, Southern Ecological Solutions, have commented on the recent news regarding a landowner who has been accused of ‘destroying’ a habitat for rare birds.

Local residents and conservationists in the local area of Romsey have claimed that the destruction of a former gravel pit will be bad news for nightingales. The rare birds are due to return to the UK this

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Last Pole Collecting Crucial Scientific Data from World’s First Arctic Expedition

Jim McNeill in Resolute Bay

The Last Pole expedition, running from February to June 2016, combines an unprecedented polar journey with a crucial scientific mission. Team members will measure the way in which sea ice is breaking up – something which we know very little about.

It will be led by Jim McNeill, one of the world’s most experienced and respected explorers, who is recruiting ordinary people for the 800

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New survey reveals UK homes storing junk hoard worth £259 billion

UK Junk Mountain map

UK households are wasting £259 billion worth of space storing junk, according to new research from Clearabee, the on-demand rubbish removal company. Combined, this junk mountain of useless and discarded items would cover 48.7 square miles, an area greater than the size of Edinburgh.

UK Junk Mountain map

Clearabee‘s survey, which was conducted by research consultancy Populus, has revealed that the average UK home

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