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Is your life environmentally friendly? If not, maybe it could be with some help from Green Pepper, the environmental and eco-living blog. This is an environmental blog that covers all bases, from news on communities and companies across the world, and what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, to how businesses and households could improve their environmental health.

Are we closer to turning

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Greenbyte’s Blades of Fortune Wind Power Quiz



Which country is home to the windiest city in the world? Which famous statue is roughly as tall as a 2MW wind turbine tower? What percentage of global electricity is supplied by wind power?



Trivia buffs hooked on Wind energy knowledge can now test their expertise in the ultimate Wind Power Quiz Blades of Fortune .

Built by Greenbyte,

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UK charity Send a Cow supporting some of Africa’s poorest farmers this Christmas

Animals don Christmas Jumpers to help some of Africa’s poorest farmers this Christmas

Clover the cow, Paddy the goat and Sage and Onion the chickens are leading the herd this Christmas! They are modelling their hand knitted Christmas jumpers to let the UK know how they can help make a positive difference to farmers trying to escape poverty in Africa.

They were photographed at the

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UK Families Adopting the American Quilt Tradition

Why quilting is catching the imagination of British crafters As quilting continues to grow in popularity, new technology makes practicing this traditional craft easier than ever before.

In recent years, Britain has become a nation of crafters as handicraft hobbies such as sewing, baking and pottery have soared in popularity, thanks in part to several well-known TV shows! One craft that is seeing a particular

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Professor reports it will be 50 years for electric cars to impact global oil demand in transport

Despite developments in renewable energy, it will take 50 years for electric cars to impact global oil demand in transport, according to Dr Mamdouh G Salameh, professor of energy economics at the ESCP Europe Business School.

In his recent paper, ‘Is oil supremacy on the wane?’ Salameh says the enabling technologies of renewable energy are not developed enough to properly impact consumption levels of oil

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Bud world’s 1st environmentally-friendly cardboard coffee pod

Sustainability and environmental considerations have filtered through to all industries, including coffee. While initiatives have launched to reduce deforestation, global-warming and over-fishing, a seemingly innocuous everyday item previously ignored is coming under increasing scrutiny from concerned environmentalists and consumers: single-use coffee pods.

In order to keep the coffee fresh, coffee pods (whether Europe’s Nespresso design or America’s Keurig cup) use a dense mixture of plastic

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Is Part-Time Veganism the Secret to Good Health?

Are you one of the many people hoping to take better care of yourself with a new diet? Do you want to know how to lower your cholesterol or maintain a healthy weight, maybe eat less fat? Veganism has long been held up as a way of eating that tackles many of these goals. But how true are these claims? Let’s take a look.


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A look at Bamboo – an ecological alternative to traditional textiles

New technologies mean that bamboo textiles, which have historically been used only for structural elements such as the ribs of corsets or for farmers’ or fishermen’s hats can now be used to produce modern clothing. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres

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6 Tips to Help You Be Eco-friendly and Healthy

There are lots of well-known ways to have a healthy lifestyle, but there’s a lot less information around about how you can combine this with helping the planet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible: in fact, a few changes to your eating and fitness habits can help you do your bit for the environment and take good care of your body at the same

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Introducing Catching A Fish In Norway the aquatic fair-trade streetwear brand

Giant squids and whales rule the oceans of streetwear. Catching A Fish In Norway (CAFIN) is an award-winning, ethical alternative. They pride ourselves on swimming against the current and being intimate enough to care.

This means treating workers like human beings, championing our designers and doing what we can to help marginalised communities: sacrificing short-term profits to act with a conscience.

Cheap mass produced t-shirts have hidden

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Humane Society’s poll shows UK public concerned by suffering caused by badger cull

Humane Society International/UK (HSI/UK), the UK arm of one of the world’s largest animal protection organisations, today reveals a new poll which shows the high level of concern the public have for the suffering of badgers during the culls. The results come as DEFRA officially announces its plans to expand the culling of badgers in England to five new areas across three new counties.


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