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Is your life environmentally friendly? If not, maybe it could be with some help from Green Pepper, the environmental and eco-living blog. This is an environmental blog that covers all bases, from news on communities and companies across the world, and what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, to how businesses and households could improve their environmental health.

Are we closer to turning

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Is Part-Time Veganism the Secret to Good Health?

Are you one of the many people hoping to take better care of yourself with a new diet? Do you want to know how to lower your cholesterol or maintain a healthy weight, maybe eat less fat? Veganism has long been held up as a way of eating that tackles many of these goals. But how true are these claims? Let’s take a look.


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A look at Bamboo – an ecological alternative to traditional textiles

New technologies mean that bamboo textiles, which have historically been used only for structural elements such as the ribs of corsets or for farmers’ or fishermen’s hats can now be used to produce modern clothing. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres

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6 Tips to Help You Be Eco-friendly and Healthy

There are lots of well-known ways to have a healthy lifestyle, but there’s a lot less information around about how you can combine this with helping the planet. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible: in fact, a few changes to your eating and fitness habits can help you do your bit for the environment and take good care of your body at the same

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Introducing Catching A Fish In Norway the aquatic fair-trade streetwear brand


Giant squids and whales rule the oceans of streetwear. Catching A Fish In Norway (CAFIN) is an award-winning, ethical alternative. They pride ourselves on swimming against the current and being intimate enough to care.

This means treating workers like human beings, championing our designers and doing what we can to help marginalised communities: sacrificing short-term profits to act with a conscience.

Cheap mass produced t-shirts have hidden

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Humane Society’s poll shows UK public concerned by suffering caused by badger cull

Humane Society International/UK (HSI/UK), the UK arm of one of the world’s largest animal protection organisations, today reveals a new poll which shows the high level of concern the public have for the suffering of badgers during the culls. The results come as DEFRA officially announces its plans to expand the culling of badgers in England to five new areas across three new counties.


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Belinda: The Forest How Red Squirrel a 3 year study of wild native red squirrels

Peter With Belinda

In Belinda: The Forest How Red Squirrel , photography and squirrel enthusiast Peter Trimming documents a small colony of wild native red squirrels from autumn 2012 to summer 2015. His research is based in the Forest How, which is situated in Eskdale, Cumbria. During his research, Peter witnesses a devastating outbreak of squirrel pox. This resulted in the loss of the entire adult population of

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Eco-Friendly Exercise


Looking after your body is as important as looking after the planet that supports it, but combining the two requires a bit of savvy. It means knowing how to lower cholesterol or blood pressure levels, maintain a healthy weight, and take care of your heart – all while limiting the impact your healthy diet and fitness regime has on the planet.

By now, a

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Faroe Islands sees more pilot whales slaughtered

Faroe Islands 5

For the third time this year, pilot whales have been slaughtered in the Danish Faroe Islands. The ordeal began at 7am today when a pod of 40 pilot whales was reported to local authorities off Skálatoftir, on the island of Borðoy. The pod was then driven by 12 Faroese boats to Hvannasund for slaughter.



Although most of the pod was able to

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Marine Conservation Society launches registration for the ‘Great British Beach Clean 2016’

Image credit Natasha Ewins

The UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), is looking for volunteers to register for a trip to the beach!

There’s no doubt that being by the sea makes us feel better, and the Great British Beach Clean (16th- 19th September) isn’t just a good day out for people who love the coast – it benefits the beach too.

The Great British Beach

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BLT Direct on Solar Bus Shelter and their advantages

As the first solar-harvested bus shelter was unveiled last month in London’s finance capital, Canary Wharf, BLT Direct, who is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of lighting solutions and champions energy saving means, has welcomed the news, citing it as a significant leap forward.

Bus shelters are a common sight on the UK’s landscape. Not changing design much since their inception in

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