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Is your life environmentally friendly? If not, maybe it could be with some help from Green Pepper, the environmental and eco-living blog. This is an environmental blog that covers all bases, from news on communities and companies across the world, and what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, to how businesses and households could improve their environmental health.

Are we closer to turning

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World’s 2nd Largest Creature The Fin Whale Has Rare Behavior Caught On Film

Breaching fin whale 2

Passengers on board Hyannis Whale Watcher witnessed the highly unusual sighting of a breaching finback whale.  Finback whales are a federally endangered species and the second-largest creature on earth, out-sized only by the blue whale. Full grown, fin whales reach lengths of 75 ft (22 m) long and up to 80 tons (72,575 kg).

While sightings of fin whales are not unusual in the waters

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New innovative Sprout Knockout Chilli edition plantable pencils

Sprout Pencil Habanero Chilli

The perfect pencil for chilli lovers, these plantable pencils from Sprout are certainly hot stuff!

The chilli plantable pencil is the latest launch from Danish green startup Sprout, who introduced the world to the very first sustainable pencil which can be planted after use. Where an eraser would usually sit on top of the pencil, the Sprout Pencil has a special seed capsule.

Sprout pencils

Read more… reports 10 top intra-Europe routes that train options are faster than air travel

While there’s nothing faster than air travel point­to­point, it seems there’s nothing slower than airports to grind those time savings to a halt. The congested roadways, shopping mall­sized terminals, the interminable lines to check in and pass through security, and baggage claim delays upon arrival all accumulate to make what should be a quick trip a very slow affair. Now with heightened

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Wyke Farms 1st UK dairy to achieve triple Carbon Trust Standard certification

Wyke Farms, one of the UK’s largest independent cheese producers and milk processors, today announce they have achieved triple certification to the Carbon Trust Standard for improving environmental performance in carbon emissions, water use and waste. Wyke Farms are the first dairy firm in the UK to hold all three certifications at the same time.

Already known for becoming the UK’s first dairy company to

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Get your kids to combat climate change

One of the main reasons many people fight climate change is to preserve the future for their children. But how can you get your children to look after the environment themselves?

As complex as climate change and its solutions are, getting your children to engage with environmental issues doesn’t have to be difficult, dull or apocalyptic. To get started, here are some fun tips on

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Wildlife protection charities campaign for an end to lion trophy hunting

VIER PFOTEN_2011-12-31_002

Responding to the global outcry over the trophy hunting of lions following the illegal killing of Cecil in Zimbabwe in July 2015, leading wildlife protection charities FOUR PAWS, the Born Free Foundation, Lion Aid, IFAW, Save Me and One Protest, will come together in London on Saturday 30th April to call for an end to lion trophy hunting in Africa and the import of lion

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Artisan Travel’s wildlife tours revealing breathtaking landscapes in Alaska and Canada

Artisan Travel3

Feel a real sense of adventure on these seriously big trips to Alaska and Canada, part of Artisan Travel’s impressiveNorth America Collection. Designed to provide the very best immersive experiences in this wild and historical part of the world, choose either to travel on the famous Alaskan Railroad or to self-drive through Alaska’s spectacular landscapes or, in neighbouring Canada, to canoe down the Yukon, past

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Rickshaw Travel offering new ethical elephant experiences


Rickshaw Travel has made it their mission to stand up for elephants by replacing all elephant riding excursions with ethical elephant experiences.

The team at Rickshaw believes travel can be a huge social and environmental benefit to the destinations they work with and they aim to maximise the benefit of tourism whilst minimising the impact, and working as sustainably as possible. This drive towards providing

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The Cheeky Panda Launches Bamboo Toilet Tissue Crowdfunding Campaign

cheeky panda

They say you should never mix the personal with the professional – but that’s exactly what happy couple Julie Chen and Chris Forbes have done, pooling their considerable talents to form their very own start-up.

The couple are the brains behind The Cheeky Panda – a brand new business concept hoping to bring bamboo-based toilet tissue to the UK. The concept is currently the subject

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SLM Partners reveals why ecological farming is an investment

Ecological farming in Australia

SLM Partners, an investment firm, has released a white paper that explains why ecological and regenerative farming provides an attractive investment opportunity.

The paper reveals the hidden risks of industrial agriculture and presents case studies of ecological alternatives that are profitable and sustainable. Drawing on the latest science and market data, the paper contains important insights for investors, policymakers and landowners.

Farmland has emerged as

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